For the love of a round booty

I do date a lot of guys who have a bit of money at London escorts. For some reason, it is just the way things have ended up and I am not so sure why. But my colleagues at London escorts are always saying that I am turning into a bit of Kensington princess and only want to date very rich men. That is not true. I like all of the gents that I meet at London escorts but there is one guy that I he day, really love. His name is Steven, and yes, he happens to be rich.

When I first met Steven I knew that we had something special going on right away. He was fun to be with and we shared the same sense of humour. I made him laugh and he made me laugh. At the time, I did not know that Steven was one of the richest guys to use our London escorts service. He just seemed like an ordinary guy and I did not have a clue that he was one of the richest dates at our London escorts service. No wonder the other London escorts were jealous.

After I had been dating Steven for a little while at charlotte escorts in London, he suggested that we go out for the day. He wanted to take me on a trip on the Thames on his boat. Well, that morning he picked me up in his Aston Martin and took me down to his yacht. I really don’t know what I had expected really but certainly not a million pound yacht and a very expensive sports car. To be honest, I was a little bit taken back by it all but despite all of this, Steven was just his normal self.

At the end of the date, Steven said that he did not have the time to take me to dinner that evening, but he had arranged a goodie basket for me. The goodie basket turned out to be a hamper from Harrods which I enjoyed when I had finished the evening shift at charlotte escorts in London. Our day together had been fantastic and could still feel the sun burning on my neck as I went for the evening.

I know that I love Steven just for Steven but most of the other girls at charlotte escorts in London think that I am after his money. It is nice that he has money but it is not something that I think about at all when we are together. I actually think that many of the girls at London escorts would be happy to date Steven just for his money but I am not one of those girls. He never told me about his money when we first met and I did not fall in love with Steven with multi-millionaire at all. Some people may just be after other people’s money but I am not like that at all. The only thing I am after is Steven’s love and I think that I am getting that.…

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When was the last time you enjoyed the personal attention of a girl right here in London? It could be that you have never really enjoyed the personal attention of a girl. I know what many girls can be like these days. Recently the gents that I meet at London escorts have been telling me that many of the girls that they have met recently, have been too self absorbed. They have been ten times much more interested in themselves than enjoying their time with the gent who has just bought them a drink.

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With me, you don’t have to worry about any of that. I am more than happy to give you my personal attention. It comes through my need to serve you. You see, I have got this huge need to serve the gents that I meet at London escorts services. I am not sure why that is, but the truth is that I like to be your loyal female friend tonight. We will have so much fun together, and I am sure that you will enjoy all of the ideas that I come up with. If not, you will enjoy my ideas.

On top of that, I am a very loyal sort of girl. There is no way that I am going to tell your friends that we are meeting up. Most London escorts are not into that at all, and I am not an exception from that rule at all. I will keep everything in between us and make sure it stays that way. After all, you may have shared some special secrets with me that you may not want to share with any one else. I can totally understand that and I am sure that I would feel the same way.

Tell me, would you like me to come around to your house, or would you like us to go out. It is important that I know this so I know what to slip on. The thing is that I may end up being a little bit too skimpy clad for going out for a drink, and that will not do at all. If you like, I can slip on a COCKtail dress which I can then easily slip off. I was wondering how that sounds to you? I have this feeling that you and I are not going to be out all evening. That would be such a shame.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a princess. I think that most girls do that but my dreams were different. I know that the prince wakes Sleeping Beauty up with a kiss, but that is not how I would like to be woken up. When you give London escorts of a call and we meet up on our date, I will tell you exactly how I would like to be woken up. Some of the girls at London escorts think that I am a bit weird when I tell them about my special way of waking up, but it does not make it less pleasurable. If you would like to know how to wake me up, just give me a call and we will make a special date out of it.…

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Brandon and Bernard have been friends for close to 25 years living in London. These are the true childhood friends who grew up together, went to the same high school then college and at some point, slept with the same girls. These two buddies married at the same time to their long-time girlfriends. But just like any other marriage, once the kids came in the fire in the bedroom was no longer there.

One evening at the bar Brandon came up with a nice idea to bring back their college life. He suggested that they travel out for a week to stay away from their nagging and strict wives. They also thought of finding two cheap escorts in London for the “business trip.”

When they finally arrived at the hotel, they found the room numbers and knocked. They had everything planned and the escorts were waiting for them. The door opened slowly. The ladies were lying on the beds just waiting for the two adventurous friends. The ladies were in their lingerie had rehearsed their moves. They were professionals so they knew how to handle married men.

Brandon in one room couldn’t take the heat and dropped his bags right there on the floor as the escort grabbed him around his waist. She locked her mouth on his, delivering a long, passionate kiss. Brandon could smell her perfume as she drew in a breath against his arms that held her tight. He closed his eyes and returned the kiss. God I missed this so much, Brandon thought to himself. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the skin of his back.

In the other room, Bernard was also getting a fair share of the deal. She lay on top of him kissing him deep before running her mouth and tongue down his neck. Bernard’s hands ran up to the top of her bra, then pulled it down as her breasts popped out. Her mouth continued its way down his chest liking his nipples so hard it almost felt like she was going to tear it off! The tip of her tongue swiped back and forth across his chest. Finally, he locked on her nipples as she pulled away her mouth, stretching it out as it grew hard. His other hand reached over to caress her other breast, gently fondling her other nipple. She drew in a deep breath as this took her by surprise, began to arouse her and he couldn’t wait to have her, nor she couldn’t wait to have him.…

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