For the love of a round booty

A Vacation With Cheap Escorts In London

Brandon and Bernard have been friends for close to 25 years living in London. These are the true childhood friends who grew up together, went to the same high school then college and at some point, slept with the same girls. These two buddies married at the same time to their long-time girlfriends. But just like any other marriage, once the kids came in the fire in the bedroom was no longer there.

One evening at the bar Brandon came up with a nice idea to bring back their college life. He suggested that they travel out for a week to stay away from their nagging and strict wives. They also thought of finding two cheap escorts in London for the “business trip.”

When they finally arrived at the hotel, they found the room numbers and knocked. They had everything planned and the escorts were waiting for them. The door opened slowly. The ladies were lying on the beds just waiting for the two adventurous friends. The ladies were in their lingerie had rehearsed their moves. They were professionals so they knew how to handle married men.

Brandon in one room couldn’t take the heat and dropped his bags right there on the floor as the escort grabbed him around his waist. She locked her mouth on his, delivering a long, passionate kiss. Brandon could smell her perfume as she drew in a breath against his arms that held her tight. He closed his eyes and returned the kiss. God I missed this so much, Brandon thought to himself. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the skin of his back.

In the other room, Bernard was also getting a fair share of the deal. She lay on top of him kissing him deep before running her mouth and tongue down his neck. Bernard’s hands ran up to the top of her bra, then pulled it down as her breasts popped out. Her mouth continued its way down his chest liking his nipples so hard it almost felt like she was going to tear it off! The tip of her tongue swiped back and forth across his chest. Finally, he locked on her nipples as she pulled away her mouth, stretching it out as it grew hard. His other hand reached over to caress her other breast, gently fondling her other nipple. She drew in a deep breath as this took her by surprise, began to arouse her and he couldn’t wait to have her, nor she couldn’t wait to have him.

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